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True Story 2 – Fight with Cancer

(Some names have been changed to protect their identity)

Last year, she was contemplating suicide. She thought her world had come crashing down with the death of her husband. But today was his death anniversary. It had been 1 year and she had survived this long. It was unbelievable. It would not have been possible without the help of the staff of Thiru Oli Trust.

Karupamma lived in Sadivayal (around 30 kms from Coimbatore in Tamilnadu, India). She had a son and a daughter. She used to do odd jobs like working as a housemaid or in construction sites. It was very difficult to make ends meet. But the worst was yet to come. Her husband had the habit of chewing tobacco. This was affecting his health. He would not listen to her when she asked him to stop the habit. Gradually he had difficulty chewing food. Then he started developing sores in his mouth. Those sores just would not heal. Yet he continued to chew tobacco despite a lot of resistance from Karupamma. He was addicted to it and just could not give it up.


Then on a fateful day, her husband’s condition worsened. Only then did he agree to come to the hospital. The doctor was very worried looking at the open sores in his mouth. He called Karupamma aside and said that her husband most probably had cancer which was in an untreatable stage. He asked them to take some tests. The doctor’s fears were confirmed. The doctor suggested that they take him home because they could not treat the cancer. They could only give him pain killers. Karupamma did not know how to get these pain killers.

She ran from pillar to post requesting help from her family and friends but could not find any substantial help. Finally she heard of Mr.Prabu (Founder of Thiru Oli Charitable Trust) who lived in the neighboring village. She had heard that he helped out people in need. She went to meet him.

The staff of Thiru Oli Charitable trust listened intently to Karupamma. Couple of them accompanied her to the hospital and helped procure the necessary pain killers. Besides they listened carefully to the doctor’s diagnosis and instructions. They helped Karupamma bring her husband home. They saw that looking after a cancer patient at home was very difficult. They tried helping her in many ways. They started to help with her children’s studies and provide her with monetary help. They consoled her and inspired her to carry on in this struggle.



Then she lost her husband to cancer. She was devastated. The staff of Thiru Oli comforted and counseled her and they virtually adopted her family. For the past 2 years they had taken care of her children’s education. Not only did they provide them with tuition assistance but bought them uniform, notebooks and other stationary items. They had paid her house rent as well as helped with the grocery.

But most importantly they had helped her come out of depression. She was battling with suicidal thoughts soon after she lost her husband to cancer. She abandoned her suicidal thoughts due to their help and encouragement. They had counseled and advised her children to continue with their studies as well.

Today was her husband’s death anniversary. She remembered all her struggles and all the help she continued to receive and thanked God for His providence.

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